Linux Development Courses Идёт набор

Минск, Беларусь

Linux Development Course is an opportunity to study an open source operating system that over the years is becoming more and more popular even with users outside the IT sphere. Linux is unusual and interesting, it teaches to think. Linux is everywhere: in PCs, network routers, TVs, spaceships.

The program includes: Linux essentials, Bash scripting, Linux development toolchain. After the training you will get necessary knowledge of writing code on Linux.

Программа: Программа тренинга
Периодичность занятий: 3 times per week
Продолжительность тренинга: 10 weeks
Количество слушателей в группе: 15
Начало занятий: October 16, 2017
Пожелания к составу слушателей: students 3-4 courses of technical specialties
Контактный Email: Volha_Tkachova1@epam.com

Требования к кандидатам:

  • knowledge of any programming language (C, Go and Python are preferred);
  • base knowledge of Network Protocols;
  • pre-Intermediate English level (A2).

Чтобы стать слушателем необходимо:

  • register for this course;
  • pass a phone interview;
  • pass general and technical interviews.