Senior IT Project Manager

Guadalajara, Mexico

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Project Manager is basically a person who handles, manages and ensures the timely delivery of the project. It is the responsibility of a Project Manager to ensure that the project is managed and executed in the proper manner. Project Manager is also the leader of the project. She/he should lead by example, and create situations where the team staff look up to the project manager and try to emulate their positive traits.

Any project requires communication and information flow that has to be infused into the team in a systematic and scheduled manner. Information related to assignments is critical to the project success. If the information is not given to the right person, at the right time and in the right manner, the entire assignment stands at risk. Therefore, it is important that a Project Manager should work as a single point of contact for any assignment.

A team is made up of various individuals, who come from different walks of life. There are bound to be some differences between the team. It is the responsibility of Manager to ensure the smooth interactions between the project’s team members and that the differences do not have any effect on the quality of the project itself.


  • Ensure the following are carried out in accordance to the defined expectations:
    • Schedule – deliverables are being completed within the baselined time scales;
    • Cost- deliverables are being completed within the baselined cost plan;
    • Quality - deliverables are being completed first time or inside the quality metrics agreed;
    • Performance (Value) – progress is being earned for the expected cost;
    • Communication – regular and timely reporting of project progress to the sponsors and stakeholders;
    • Risk – to proactively manage foreseen project risks, mitigating as necessary;
    • Change – managing changes to the project without affecting the objectives and benefits;
    • Procurement – managing purchase orders, supplier invoices and any other procurement asset inside the project costs and schedule;
    • HR – managing HR requests to internal areas according to project needs.
  • Start of the project:
    • Prepare and define project plan (schedule, cost, quality, risk, etc.);
    • Assign responsibilities;
    • Identify the resources requirements.
  • During the project:
    • Manage all aspects of the project plan and budget;
    • Coordinate directly and indirectly with project staff to ensure successful completion of the project (directing, supervising, supporting and coordinating the project team member/staff);
    • Track project deliverable using project management tools;
    • Resolve, trace and escalate critical issues to minimize projects risks factors;
    • Perform the provisional acceptance and final acceptances procedures.
  • End of project:
    • Ensure the financial issues finalized;
    • Coordinate the lessons learned process;
    • Followed up with clients to verify satisfaction.


  • Native Spanish & high level of written and spoken English;
  • At least 3 years of project management experience and as a responsible leader with managerial functions on a several small or medium size projects with average monthly workload in the range from 7 to 25 resources;
  • Solid knowledge about Software Development Lifecycle and Software Engineering Process;
  • Expected to have broad knowledge about project management standards and practices, able to perform project manager's activities during Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring and closing project phases as well as practice several Software Development Methodologies;
  • Able to run an organization of 10-30 people;
  • Deep understanding of PM methodologies;
  • Strong analytical skills and problem solving skills, including ability to think beyond what the users initially put forward as requirements and factor in the appropriate level of functional and technical future proofing;
  • Good understanding of best practice business processes and controls and application of those principles to the end solution;
  • Understanding of how to complete the project such that the solution is fully adopted and integrated within the business operating model and considered early enough in the project;
  • Excellent organizational skills;
  • Excellent communication skills; ability to effectively communicate with senior management and various other stakeholders, both verbally and in written form. Must be forthright and capable of challenging where proposed solutions, approach etc. are not appropriate;
  • Production of high quality auditable artefacts and signoffs that adhere to the agreed project lifecycle standards;
  • Ability to prepare standard and ad-hoc presentation decks in a timely manner on required topics, from high level functional overview to detailed technical overview of key data flows;
  • Ability to effectively engage and work with a global team;
  • Self-motivation and initiation traits;
  • Good team player, able to balance the needs of stakeholders and IT, and able to manage internal IT conflicts and demands as needed;
  • Emotionally intelligent.

We offer

  • Career plan and real growth opportunities;
  • International Mobility Plan within 25 countries;
  • Constant training, mentoring, online corporate courses, eLearning and more;
  • English classes with certified teacher;
  • Support for employee’s initiatives (Algorithms club, toastmasters, agile club and more);
  • Enjoyable working environment (Gaming room, napping area, amenities, events, sport teams and more);
  • Flexible work schedule and dress code;
  • Collaborate in a multicultural environment and share best practices from around the globe;
  • Hired directly by EPAM & 100% under payroll;
  • Law benefits (IMSS, INFONAVIT, 15 days December bonus, 25% vacation bonus);
  • Personal insurance: Life, Major medical expenses with dental & visual coverage;
  • 13 % employee savings fund;
  • Grocery coupons (added to the monthly benefits once the probation period has been passed);
  • 10 vacations days plus 2 floating days;
  • Official Mexican holidays, plus two extra holidays (December 24th & 31st);
  • Relocation bonus: transportation, 2 weeks of accommodation for you and your family and more.