TSE - Infrastructure Engineer

Mexico City, Mexico

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You are curious, persistent, logical and clever – a true techie at heart. You enjoy living by the code of your craft and developing elegant solutions for complex problems. If this sounds like you, this could be the perfect opportunity to join EPAM as a TSE - Infrastructure Engineer. Scroll down to learn more about the position’s responsibilities and requirements.


  • Drive continuous quality improvement through strategy, quality management systems and metrics for measurable results to achieve customer delight;
  • Build and promote a quality-oriented culture in the organization, through innovative quality infrastructure, communications, awareness programs, and training;
  • Formulate process framework, implement and ensure conformance/compliance to the organization's Quality Management System in alignment with corporate/industry standards;
  • Strategize, plan, facilitate and conduct audits, analyze audit findings, suggest actions to improve quality of products and services, and track closures;
  • Play a key role in designing of the quality strategy and ensure that all areas of the business unit perform to the defined standards;
  • Create and define metrics strategy, consolidate various metrics parameters, analyze trends, identify/develop corrective/preventive actions plans to influence improved business performance, and customer satisfaction;
  • Manage the QA team performance in a service desk; provide adequate training, coach, counsel and motivate the team;
  • Work in architecture, definition, facilitation and implementation of quality processes and standards in alignment with business objectives by adopting best practices from industry standards/models, for a service desk;
  • Do comfortable shifts;
  • Support 24X7 (two shifts);
  • Work at customer offices.


  • Understanding of Web technologies and protocols such as HTTP(S), TLS, cookies, SSO, DNS, HTML:
    • Knowledge of HTTP protocol specifications, such as request methods, response codes, contents and meaning of HTTP request and response headers (including cookies). Able to analyze HAR/network capture and explain its logical flow;
    • Knowledge of the concepts of TLS - able to explain the flow of a TLS connection, encryption principles, ciphers, the role of the Certificate Authority, Certificate Authority Chain. Capable of simulating a TLS connection using common command line tools (e.g. OpenSSL);
    • Understanding of SSO as implemented on HTTP layer (at least ability to design the system based on their protocol and encryption knowledge);
    • Understanding of DNS: recursive domain name resolution, most common record types, transport protocols used;
    • Capable of reading basic HTML code, able to identify portions of the code responsible for a specific page element.
  • Solid OS knowledge for either Windows or Linux systems:
    • Knowledge of OS resource (CPU, memory, disk, network) managing tools and resources;
    • Capable of performing basic OS management and troubleshooting tasks (firewall configuration, scripting and automation, user management, performance monitoring);
    • Able to troubleshoot OS performance and reliability issues (CPU, network, RAM, disk) using common tools (top, iostat, strace for UNIX, procmon, registry editor, group policies for Windows);
    • Fully aware of file system design and security concepts (permissions model for UNIX and Windows, inodes in Linux, soft-and hard links for Linux and Windows);
    • Fully knowledgeable of OS permissions (root vs unprivileged resources and network access, sudo, setuid/setgid for UNIX, UAC for Windows).
  • Basic coding ability in one or more of the following: Java, C, C++, .NET, Python, Bash, Perl, JavaScript:
    • Able to read example code, identify potential issues or test cases;
    • Knowledgeable of common variable types and data structures (arrays, lists, hash tables);
    • Strong customer facing skill in English.
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, a related technical field (preferred), or equivalent practical experience (required).

Nice to have

  • Experience in technical support, professional services, engineering, sustaining engineering, or systems engineering;
  • Extensive networking knowledge;
  • Knowledge of the entire OSI stack, knows which protocol relates to which layer;
  • Able to explain the fundamentals of TCP/IP - IP packet headers, the meaning of most important header contents (source/destination IP, protocol);
  • Able to explain IPv4 and IPv6 addressing, including network masks;
  • Can clearly explain the differences between TCP and UDP and specific use cases for these, protocols (justifying those);
  • Knowledge of basic routing protocols (RIP, OSPF, BGP), knowledge of the concept of an Autonomous System and how the Internet operates;
  • Capable of configuring Firewall and NAT for multiple protocol types;
  • Knowledge of the foundations of IP telephony (SIP, XMPP, RTP);
  • Advanced Email, Anti-spam and account security knowledge;
  • Knowledge of SMTP and IMAP protocols (able to use telnet to send/receive email);
  • Knowledge of common anti-spam technologies (can implement SPF, DKIM, DMARC if requested), aware of basic ML-based anti-spam technologies;
  • Can provide examples of common phishing vectors, tools to reduce the risks of unauthorized data access.

We offer

  • Career plan and real growth opportunities;
  • International Mobility Plan within 25 countries;
  • Constant training, mentoring, online corporate courses, eLearning and more;
  • English classes with certified teacher;
  • Support for employee’s initiatives (Algorithms club, toastmasters, agile club and more);
  • Enjoyable working environment (Gaming room, napping area, amenities, events, sport teams and more);
  • Flexible work schedule and dress code;
  • Collaborate in a multicultural environment and share best practices from around the globe;
  • Hired directly by EPAM & 100% under payroll;
  • Law benefits (IMSS, INFONAVIT, 15 days December bonus, 25% vacation bonus);
  • Personal insurance: Life, Major medical expenses with dental & visual coverage;
  • 13 % employee savings fund;
  • Grocery coupons (added to the monthly benefits once the probation period has been passed);
  • 10 vacations days plus 2 floating days;
  • Official Mexican holidays, plus two extra holidays (December 24th & 31st);
  • Relocation bonus: transportation, 2 weeks of accommodation for you and your family and more.